NEW REEL 6-9-2017
(link) —> >  reel2c wip < <— (link) right click to download

2nd link:  reel2c wip < < < (click to play in new page)

Youtube Link (Privately listed) : (updated with reel 2c 6-9-2017)

Replaced the previous reel with a better one. (6-6-2017 / 6-9-2017) Also removed the embedded media player since it would seem to try to load but always crash (or maybe that’s just Firefox?)

More will be coming as is available. SCROLL DOWN FOR AUDIO

(NOTE: audio may say 4 minutes, recording time is about 1 minute 30 seconds, will fix as soon as possible) 

voice reel 4 – 2016  <<< Right click to download

voice reel 4 – 2016 <<< Click to play in new page